This project was funded by the Global Arts + Humanities Grant of The Ohio State University (2020-2021)

My research intersects with education policy, music education accessibility, social justice, and equity in education, and, with how we prepare students who might want to study music in higher education in Mexico. However, the problems among higher education in Mexico are no particular to music. Jongitud Zamora (2017) states that:

“Regarding the right to higher education, it is clear that Mexico faces great and serious problems that range from the absence of appropriate regulation in the public sphere, and especially in the private sphere, to surreptitious discrimination due to the social and economic condition of people, and in the access and enjoyment of a strong higher education, as well as the gradual abandonment of the State of its substantive obligations regarding this right.”

To complete my project, I gathered publicly available data from Mexico, organized it and cleaned it to create some data visualization. With this data, I want to show the issues of access to music in higher education in Mexico and it will help inform further research I am conducting about the rights to music education, teacher training, and vocational needs.

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