• Andrea Káram

Dear High School,

Dear High school,

You should know I have learned a lot here, but you are very over-priced. How could you be charging the same as other campuses around the country but offering a fraction of the spaces and programs that other states have? Franchising education was never this useless. You are the most expensive high school in town, possibly in the whole country, and you are telling me that you could not find a music teacher that could actually read notes, plan the class, and get us some scores? That the only music program in the school is this mixed pop/rock/indie/jazzy/weirdly instrumentalized group twice a week?

We got to that semester where you need to choose the class that will prepare you to your chosen college major. And what are the options? Medicine, law and justice, chemistry, and I am probably forgetting another one. Did it every occur to you that some of us wanted to study something within the humanities and art-related?

You praise about those songwriting competitions so much. Yet you cannot find a well-prepared jury around town. And you have no idea what really goes on in those music classes. You have no idea if what we are learning there is actually meaningful or just a showcase for the competition. Of course it is the latter, but you wouldn’t know because you are too busy charging interests if we pay late or not letting students take a test because they didn’t cover that month’s tuition.

I hope you are staying rich, empowered, and overvalued, that is probably as much as you can handle right now. That, and the bunch of rich kids that enter your doors just because they have the money but not the brain… that is probably enough to handle.

Your student from class 2012, the one who won the female “entrepreneur” award in our entrepreneurship fair, that did not make it to the official award in graduation because you would only give one —and of course, it had to be a male who got it.



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