• Andrea Káram

Memory #2

Memory #2:

It was April 2014, you got a new sort of hobbie at that moment, walking through Guadalajara streets, stopping at a café, and sitting there to plan this new project. You decided it was about time to start something ‘real’ and do something more than just teaching private lessons that summer. You had not finished your bachelor’s degree at that point, but it did not stop you. Your mind was a mess but you will sit at the café, get a frappuccino and a three-cheese crepe and start brainstorming how exactly you would execute this idea of yours: a music camp for children and youth. You went from zero to building a plan of study for three or four different age-groups, thinking about the contents of the classes, the interactive materials you would need, and the teachers you would hire. It was no longer a crazy idea; it was now all on paper. Two or three weeks in the planning you started making calls, asking for recommendations, and finally, getting a solid teachers team. You knew the challenges: no one of the teachers had a bachelor’s degree, so there got to be some sort of training involve so that this camp was not like any other superficial/fun summer activity. You were looking for quality and quality is what the families got, but it took a village!

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